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About Diane Claxton

Diane Claxton is a dynamic attorney, licensed in Florida and New York. In addition to being the founder of Claxton Law Group, she is a vital team member. As the child of immigrants, Diane brings a personal understanding to her Immigration Law practice, infusing each case with empathy and a deep sense of purpose. Her legal expertise spans a broad spectrum, including Antitrust Litigation, Securities, Family Law, and Personal Injury.

In addition to her legal practice, Diane has participated in advocacy work with several nonprofit organizations advocating for voter rights and immigrant rights. Her experience as a mediator for the State of Florida demonstrates her commitment to justice, particularly in sensitive cases involving Asylum, Deportation Cancellation, Unaccompanied Minors, Violence Against Women, Adjustment of Status, and DACA.

Fluent in Spanish, French, Creole, and English, Diane's linguistic skills enable her to serve a wide array of clients with clarity and effectiveness. Her cultural insight and legal prowess make her a formidable advocate for those seeking a new beginning in America. Diane Claxton's presence at Claxton Law Group reinforces our mission to provide unparalleled legal services with compassion and respect for every client's story.

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About Donald Lindover

Mr. Donald Lindover is a seasoned veteran of immigration law and a cornerstone of Claxton Law Group. A Queens native and a graduate of Syracuse College of Law, he has been championing the rights of immigrants since passing the New York Bar in 1969. After an honorable six-year service in the U.S. Marine Corps, Mr. Lindover turned down lucrative legal avenues to start his own firm in 1971, dedicated exclusively to immigration law. As a Previous Chairman of the New York Chapter of AILA, his legacy includes influential roles in the American Immigration Lawyers Association, impactful work with the U.S. Department of Labor, and advising on key immigration policies with the USCIS as well as being admitted to the US supreme court.

With his rich family heritage of Polish immigrants and a mother who ran a business and spoke seven languages, Mr. Lindover’s personal and professional life is deeply rooted in the immigrant experience. He believes that immigration not only changes individual lives but also fortifies the fabric of American society. At Claxton Law Group, Mr. Lindover’s vast expertise and heartfelt dedication to his work reflect our firm’s commitment to achieving life-changing results for our clients.

Our Vision

Claxton Law Group aspires to be the beacon of hope and justice in the United States immigration law landscape, guided by our unwavering dedication to quality, transparency, and client satisfaction. Claxton Law Group aspires to be recognized as the leading law firm in the United States, distinguished by the quality and transparency of our services and the satisfaction of our clients. We are committed to being the epitome of legal excellence, continually striving to set new standards in client service and legal results.

Our Mission

We are committed to defending and protecting our clients' rights, enabling them to achieve the most favorable results. With more than 20 years of legal victories, our multilingual staff ensures clear communication and understanding. We prioritize affordability , while providing access to our experienced immigration attorneys, ensuring that each client receives the best legal assistance at every step.

Our Core Values

Justice and Equity: We are steadfast in our pursuit of freedom, equality, and impartial application of human rights, maintaining equity and staunchly defending our clients' rights.

Honesty and Integrity: Our moral compass, defined by honesty and integrity, guides our every action. We stand for truth and righteousness, aligning our behavior with deeply held principles.

Talent Development and Innovation: We view each case through a lens of singularity, approaching it with the best legal talent and a commitment to innovation, ensuring our knowledge and practices are at the cutting edge.

Loyalty, Ethics, and Privacy: Our firm is built on loyalty and professional ethics, guaranteeing the fulfillment of our promises and the upholding of moral integrity. We treat our clients' privacy as a sacred trust, ensuring confidence and peace of mind.

Promotion of Peace and Justice: By advocating for fair and efficient legal representation, we honor our clients' rights indiscriminately, without regard to gender, nationality, ethnicity, or any other characteristic. We stand as guardians of human rights, working to foster peace and justice in every case we undertake.

At Claxton Law Group, we carry these values into every aspect of our work, dedicating ourselves to the highest standards of legal practice and client service.